GraGraves Trackage provide a more realistic and properly scaled layout for your O or S gauge trains. Ties are realistically sized and scaled. The O gauge track's black center virtually melts into the roadbed of your layout making it look amazingly realistic! 

You can find out more at the GarGraves website. But remember, you get 25% off the GarGraves price when you make you purchase at Plus, you get a FREE customized AnyRail drawing of your your layout with your purchase of $50 or more. 

  • 25% off GarGraves MSRP
  • Free AnyRail™ drawing*

Call 607-243-5100 or submit the form below to get started!

* A minimum order of $50 and a deposit of $35 are required to qualify for the Free AnyRail Drawing.

Mike and Tom Roder. the owners of GarGraves  Trackage company are located pretty close to my store in the Finger Lakes area of New York, and have been really helpful in getting me started with my store layout that you see below.

As you can see, I have a lot of Gargraves Track on my layout, and there is also a massive amount of Gargraves track on the FCTT club layout.

These pictures are top to bottom:

1. Crocodile Train Store USA layout under construction and pre-ballasting.

2. Crocodile Train Store .upper level track loop with the platform completed, track laid and waiting for placement, screw down and wiring.

3 FCTT O gauge club section of a modular layout with Gargrave track at the Wayne County Fairgrounds, Palmyra, NY Sept, 2016

4..Crocodile Train Store upper level track loop G and O gauge loops with the platform completed, track laid and waiting for placement, screw down and wiring.

I have a total of about 300 to 400 feet of Gargraves track that I have laid on my layout. I have no idea of the amount of Gargraves track on FCTT, but it is a massive amount.

The Special Offer -  In April I ran into Mike Roder at the Pageant of Steam layout of the FCTT (Rochester, NY, Flower City O gauge club)  that I belong to, and Gargrave's sponsors, and I mentioned to him that I would like to do an introductory offer of Gargraves track.   I got the OK to offer a 25% percent discount on all Gargrave's track.  Additionally, I will produce a Computer generated layout drawing for free if you purchase at least $50 worth of Gargraves track from me.  I will do the drawing up front, email the drawing file to you upon receipt of a $35 dollar deposit that will be credited toward your track purchase.




1. 25% off ALL GARGRAVES equipment.

2.  Free ANY RAIL drawing with $50.00 purchase.

3.  $35.00 deposit due for order, credited if purchase completed.

4.  Please call 607-243-5100 or 207-249-4365 to place your order.