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A Personal Note:

I have been very active in trains in numerous scales, primarily O and Gauge 1 (G). I have been doing shows with the Rochester based Flower City Tinplate Trackers O gauge club and recently joined the Finger Lakes Live Steamers that run Gauge 1 (G), and also ride on models on 4 inch and 7.25 inch track. I am also working on my G gauge outdoor layout, a small Halloween Layout that I took over to the local elementary school, and of course my USA layout that I am planning to raise the upper level on by about a foot so you can see the lower levels better.

Welcome to this 3rd installment of the Crocodile Train Store Blog.

This has been a busy summer on many fronts.

1. The Crocodile Train Store online is now completely open for business domestically with the purchasing process streamlined and many additional items added for sale. We are adding PAY PAL to our payment types this week and have also made many under-the- hood- improvements for keeping our inventory up to date.

2.  I traveled to Columbia MD to the factory where I attended the MTH Factory Authorization Course and became a Authorized Service Center for MTH trains.  Lots  of new test equipment is  enroute for testing PS2 and PS3 modules, along with numerous parts to keep in stock for repair.  Mike Wolf graciously let me snap a photo of us together.




3.  Lots of material covered.  A couple of days of lecture and 3 days of hand on repairs under the supervision of the great MTH service staff.




Time flies when you don't know what you're doin.  Or rather time flies when you're having fun.

Memorial day weekend has come and gone and after a nice swim and barbeque time with grandkids and the rest of the family in PA, it's back via Tunkhannock PA to home in Dundee.

No visit to Tunkhannock is ever complete without a trip to the Nicholson Bridge. 



Hello, I am Mike Brooks and welcome to the first entry of the Crocodile Connection Blog.

It is 7:30 PM Sunday night January 31 and I am in my train room/office/attic.  At 67 years old I am excited to be doing my first blog, especially since in is about my favorite hobby and business - TRAINS.

I am writing this blog to keep those of you who are interested in an inside look at the process of starting an new business informed.

I was an industrial controls trainer for Siemens for 20 years and I often started my classes with an acronym.

WIFM -  " What's in it for me" 

1. For myself I am looking forward to meeting lots of train enthusiasts and sharing my love of trains and helping to support my addiction, whoops, I mean hobby!, and learning as much as I can about the world of model trains.

2.  For you, I hope to become a "NEXUS" for everything involved in the pursuit of train knowledge and equipment. I plan to have hundreds of LINKS to everything model train oriented so that you can come to this site and find what ever it is you want or need for the enjoyment of model trains.

This BLOG will have a structure that is defined below:

1. Progress on my layout.

    Added a skirt to hide the storage area under the layout


 New Skirt for Layout Table



2. Progress on the development of the Crocodile Train Store.

3. Responses to feedback from the blog followers.

4. NEWS Flashes in the world of model trains. 

5. General ramblings